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SAFE SHED is leading the way in bringing the LEASE PURCHASE OPTION to the Great State of OKLAHOMA!!!

How does this concept work? It's very simple: Pay a one-time start-up fee when you place your order for your dream: BUILDING, LOAFING SHED or STORM SHELTER. Once your quality-built SAFE SHED is delivered, you pay the first month's Lease payment. These payments will continue monthly for 35 months.
You're not locked into a 36 month commitment. Whoo!!! Freedom! You may pay off the balance of your purchase at any time during the 36 months, should you decide to do so. If you should decide that you no longer wish to Lease the product, simply give us a call. We will retrieve it with out any additional consequence to you or your family.
As a pioneer of the LEASE PURCHASE OPTION, Safe Shed is committed to excellence through quality products and services.
Let us help you achieve your dreams through our LEASE PURCHASE OPTION today!!!!
You May Contact Us Here Or By Phone
 (580) 759.3456
Please let us know some information about you so we may set up an appointment to discuss our rental opportunites.  We have lots of creative financing options availible.  If you would please take the time to give us a $amount of what you are looking to spend monthly in the comments section below that would be helpful.  Thanks for your interest in our lease to own program and we will be contacting you shortly.
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